What Others Think

  • …easier to understand than other programs I’ve seen on television.

  • I was most inspired by the student who did the interviewing.

  • …really impressed by the quality of the research done by the high school student.

  • …very well done.

  • It will spark interest for students and inspire them to be inquisitive about other parts of religion.

  • …very well balanced. The scientific evidence was clearly explained and understandable.

  • …very powerful.

  • …this was a great coming together of the experts and the research.

  • …the young investigative reporter is very contemporary and will appeal to the youth.

  • I am very impressed with the young man undertaking this project.

  • …one of the top two or three best documentaries ever produced on the Shroud.

    Barrie Schwortz

    1978 STURP Photographer and Researcher