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The Holy Winding Sheet

Exploring The Shroud of Turin

This fascinating program traces the Shroud's journey from Jerusalem to Turin, explores the controversial 1988 carbon dating test, and shows how the image of the crucified man could not have been faked.

Did You Know?

  • More than 30 Popes have also recognized the authenticity of the Holy Shroud.

  • Pope John XXIII said:

    "This can only be the Lord's own doing."

  • Pope Paul VI said:

    "Perhaps only the Image from the Holy Shroud reveals to us something of the human and divine personality of Christ."

  • Pope Pius IX said:

    “This salutary reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus is a Divine work, destined to save modern society.”

  • Pope Pius XI said:

    "They are the pictures of the Divine Son of Mary; they come, in fact, from that object known as the Shroud of Turin; still mysterious, but certainly not the work of any human hand" - while giving pictures of the Shroud to the youth he met along the way.

  • Pope St. Pius X said:

    “I would hope that the Holy Shroud be venerated in the homes of all Christian families.”

  • Before the Shroud arrived in Turin, and became known as the Shroud of Turin, it was known and commonly called The Holy Winding Sheet.

  • The Shroud arrived in Turin in 1578, from Chambery in France.

  • The Feast of The Holy Winding Sheet is officially celebrated on May 4th every year. Although not celebrated widely in the United States, it is still commemorated every year in some parts of Europe.

  • Including Saint Charles Borromeo, many great Saints held the Holy Winding Sheet in great esteem. They included Saint Francis de Sales, Saint Jane Frances de Chantal, Saint Bridget of Sweden, Venerable Mary of Agreda, and Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich.

  • It came to Turin after an ailing Saint Charles Borromeo made it known he wanted to travel from his home in Milan, Italy, to Chambery to venerate the cloth. Only around 40 years of age, the Saint was in poor health, ostensibly from his exhausting work every day to feed tens of thousands of people ravaged by the plague. Officials decided to spare Saint Charles a dangerous trip over the Alps and meet him in Turin. The Shroud has been there ever since.

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